Flexible architectural mesh in UHPC (Ultra High Performance Fiber Concrete).

Light, malleable, transparent, flexible and colourful, Solid Studio's Zephyr Mesh redefines the use of concrete and offers architects and façade designers countless possibilities for creation and implementation.


The stainless steel mesh we use is extremely strong and flexible. The combination with concrete gives it real advantages in terms of durability, particularly in the face of bad weather.


Fully customisable, there are many possible patterns and colours. Designers and architects have a material that allows them to express their creativity by playing with pixelation and the repetition of simple or more complex patterns.


Should a component be damaged, the removal and replacement of a panel is extremely easy. Each element is connected to another by a simple, removable fastening system.


A unique and innovative product, Zephyr mesh is lightweight, making it easy to use and offering creative potential. For a standard design, its weight does not exceed 20 kilograms per square metre.


Flexible and light, Zephyr mesh offers the advantage of being stored in rolls. This greatly facilitates its storage, delivery and installation. In successive panels, the mesh is unrolled for methodical installation.


In partnership with Ciments Calcia, we use a concrete with TX Active® technology. This formulation accelerates the decomposition of pollutants and prevents them from forming on coatings. This contributes to the depollution of cities and offers aesthetic durability to facades.

A material that can be customised

Architects and designers, let your imagination run wild. In addition to a range of designs that we provide, you can also design your own.

Pixelisation: On a large scale, a network of dots can create an infinite number of non-repeating patterns.


Pigmentation: We dye the concrete in the mass, so you can take advantage of a whole range of colours that allow you to create contrasts and gradations.

Full and empty: We can leave spaces without concrete, which allows you to create transparency on your surface, but also to create patterns.

Pattern: Our technology allows us to create all kinds of geometric shapes.


zephyr solid studio mesh