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Solid Studio redefines the use of concrete.

Lightweight, flexible, durable...

What is Maille Zephyr?

Like a fabric, our patented facade system has been developed to envelop buildings by responding to current architectural issues.


Our innovative system has a wide range of applications, and can be adapted to the most complex geometrical shapes.


Maille Zephyr consists of an ultra-strong stainless steel mesh onto which customizable BEFUHP (ultra-high performance fiber-reinforced concrete) elements are inserted. 

Ventilated facades, sunbreaks, shades, claustras, stretch ceilings, security, visual and acoustic protection... Zephyr mesh is available in a variety of uses and patterns.

Customization and parametric design

Zephyr Mesh allows architects and facade designers to create a completely customized pattern. This modularity is based on three main parameters: 



Full and empty

Block shapes


To tackle complex design issues, Solid Studio has developed a parametric design tool dedicated to Zephyr Mesh. Custom-developed functions enable patterns to be generated on developed surfaces and then applied in volume to a specific project.


Solid Studio provides its customers with parametric design skills to optimize the creative potential of Zephyr mesh and develop unique graphic principles.


To meet today's construction challenges in terms of energy efficiency and carbon footprint, Solid Studio has developed a sustainable system with strong environmental credentials. 

Material savings :

On average, Maille Zephyr weighs 10 kg/m². That's around ten times less than a conventional concrete mesh. The lightness of Zephyr Mesh makes it remarkably sober in terms of carbon footprint.


We use an innovative cement formulation that includes de-polluting agents and gives it self-cleaning capabilities.

Natural air conditioning :

Inspired by the ancient principle of the moucharabieh, Maille Zephyr generates a natural convection phenomenon that creates a vertical flow of cool air. This contributes to the cooling of buildings, resulting in significant air-conditioning savings.  

Maille Zephyr is available worldwide.

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