"Less is more

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

Environmental approach

If the famous adage of architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe applies particularly well to design and architecture, it also lies at the heart of our environmental approach.

Maille Zephyr is a lightweight, low-material-use solution that is subject to sober, clean production.


Lightweight flying leaf representing low carbon impact to protect the environment.

Light carbon footprint

The lightness of Zephyr Mesh makes it the carbon-saving material of today's construction industry. Compared with existing solutions (perforated sheeting, concrete mesh, etc.), Zephyr Mesh has a carbon footprint 5 to 10 times lower, while offering greater durability.

Symbol of the positive impact on air conditioning, its reduction in order to safeguard the environment.

A positive impact on air conditioning.

The ventilated facade principle provides natural cooling for the building, drastically reducing the need for conventional air conditioning. This limits the impact on the environment.

Zephyr mesh helps cool cities and protect the environment.

Adapting to global warming.

Zephyr Mesh, by enabling architects to create cool, shaded spaces, contributes to solutions for adapting our cities to a warmer climate.

To protect the environment, Maille Zephyr is produced in our workshops in France.

Made in France

Maille Zephyr is produced in Brittany, France in our workshops. Our production materials are sourced in France and within the European Union.

An environmentally sustainable product

316 stainless steel net from Carl Stahl.
316 stainless steel cable (credit carl stahl)

We work with the two most resistant materials in construction: marine-grade stainless steel (grade 316). Withits high chromium and molybdenum content and low carbon content, this steel is highly resistant to corrosion, particularly in salty air.

Solid Studio's BFUP plot for our Zephyr mesh product.
High-performance concrete slab

And high-performance concrete. UHPC is characterized by its high compressive and tensile strength, and the presence of fibers in the material. Finally, the finishing formula we use, TX Active, is extremely high-performance and includes a depollutant that gives it self-cleaning capabilities.

Diagram showing the convection phenomenon created by Zephyr mesh, which saves energy and protects the environment.
Diagram showing the convection phenomenon created by the Zephyr Mesh.

Ventilated facade

On facades, natural air conditioning (thermal convection) generates a flow of cool air along the building. This phenomenon makes a major contribution to cooling the facades, resulting in considerable savings in air-conditioning costs.

Through this natural process, Zephyr Mesh can generate up to 30% air-conditioning savings in buildings. For a 1,000 m² building, this represents a CO2 emission saving of 16 tonnes/year.


Calculation based on a reference country with a hot, arid climate (Middle East). Sources: Complete Confindustria Ceramica SDG Report Building envelopes: energy upgrading, aesthetics and savings.

Ultra-resistant materials

Zephyr Mesh consists of two fundamental elements: 


- The stainless steel mesh (316 - marine grade, Carl Stahl) is exceptionally elastic and flexible. It can easily withstand the elements, is highly resistant and virtually maintenance-free. This stainless steel net is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

- Ultra-high-performance fiber-reinforced concrete is cast onto the stainless steel mesh. Each concrete element is configurable. (shape, color, density, etc.).


The overall weight is between 10 and 20 kg/m², depending on the pattern... The concrete formulation is based on an innovative cement with TX Active® technology. Its composition accelerates the decomposition of pollutants and prevents their formation on supports.


Pollution control system :

Concrete containing products formulated with TX Active® significantly reduces the presence of organic pollutants, harmful gaseous substances (nitrogen oxide NOx) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs: benzene, toluene, etc.) produced by human activity (industry, automobiles, electric heating), thus preserving air quality and the aesthetics of buildings.


Local cement : 

The cements used come 100% from local quarries, close to where Maille Zephyr is manufactured in Brittany, France.


Recyclable : 

Stainless steel is over 99% recyclable, and concrete aggregates can be reused in the formulation of new concrete after crushing.

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FDES (Fiche de déclaration environnementale et sanitaire) soon available

Maille Zephyr is available worldwide.

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