Zephyr Composer

Powerful parametric design

Significant time savings

Zephyr Composer is a tool developed by Solid Studio. It allows you to create facade concepts using parametric design. This software is particularly useful for managing complex geometries with an algorithm-based approach.

For the user (architect or designer), the result is an extremely simplified design process that enables graphic principles to be generated very quickly, without the need to model individual elements.

Image illustrating customization with zephyr composer software

Accelerated training

Solid Studio offers training in our parametric design tool to help designers make the most of the possibilities offered by Zephyr Mesh. On the basis of a project, our experts can intervene to : 

- generate for you the desired pattern or graphic concept on the Zephyr mesh surface 

- train yourself to use Zephyr Composer (Rhinoceros + Grasshopper prerequisites required).

Create mathematical, abstract and organic patterns at record speed!


A simplified design process

Zephyr Composer generates a global pattern that is projected onto the 3D model. A multitude of parameters can be set (point dispersion, volume, geometry, color gradients, pixelation, absence of points to create signs, etc.).

The Zephyr mesh design process involves 5 stages: 

1) Define an alphabet of studs based on size, shape and color. 

2) Determination of a developable surface that determines the overall shape and space occupied. 

3) Constrain the distribution of studs using a custom-made ruler based on a black-and-white reference pattern. This method offers advanced possibilities for converting abstract elements into visual elements (such as sound elements, music, natural noises, visual elements, rain showers, etc.). 

4) Projection onto a 3D model for three-dimensional visualization. 

5) Use the tool to deform the mesh, creating movement and relief in the structure, such as wave or ripple effects. 

Finally, you can export a self-executing Enscape renderer (Enscape...) for optimum presentation. This incorporates parameters enabling the file to be readin virtual reality (using a VR headset). You can then immerse yourselfin your project.

Low-angle shot of a forest, revealing sparse branches and leaves.
Image selection...
Low-angle shot of a forest, revealing sparse branches and leaves in black and white.
...treated in black and white, simplified...
Pattern in a five-sided elongated space following the shape of the photo
...distributed over a predefined area...
Mesh blocks generated by the software using the pattern template.
...Zephyr Composer Create blocks using shapes/counterforms...
View of a terrace sheltered by a structure incorporating Zephyr mesh
...simulating the panels to be manufactured.